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About U42.ca

U42.ca is the collaborative result of U42 and Webtunes. Full access to all functions requires registration. This is free and without any obligation.

U42.ca and all the other features are sponsored by those companies and individuals that use our services.

Embed Webtunes in your site?

The "Embed Webtunes Search" allows you to embed the player, radio and charts on any website or blog with two lines of code.Independent Artists have the free interactive website system to use without cost. This system integrates independents with the Webtunes front end while giving submitters control of their site...on their own terms.

Want to have your own website?

Webtunes and U42 provide a stable framework to have your own white label solution similar to webtunes.eu. If you want to create your own music service with your own advertising interface, our framework might be the solution for you. The interface is designed to be simple and to the point with the tools that make distribution of music on your terms a reality. Interested people contact us at:info@u42.org

Free Independent Artists Interface.

The Webtunes artist interface online upload/download system is designed to empower independent artists. All are welcome to use this service with the condition being that uploads are the property of the site holder, or permission given from "owner". You have control of selling or free to download, you can edit online all your information and also embed photos, You Tube and use the wysiwyg system. The ability to make text download able and password protect project fies allows you to send radio ready music along with documentation to radio stations, music industry people or other musicians. The system also integrates your music within the webtunes.eu player and websites all over the world. You can register for this freeservice by simply creating a freesite as an artist. The interface is designed to be simple, with the tools that make distribution of your music on your terms a reality. Created as part of the U42.eu system, the ability to expand your internet visibility can include the entire array of options available to everyone in u42.eu. Our sites are financed by Google advertising, sponsor advertising, Artists wishing more space and bandwidth and a percentage of all the U42.eu hosting packages and functions..


. Webtunes welcomes the addition of real, legal additions to their web network.

Advertise With Webtunes.

Advertisers wishing to include their products and/or services in webtunes may contact us.